Did you know we are the only place along with one other restaurant in London to serve both these French delicacies.

Both these following two dishes are available gluten free and vegetarian tastes great with a glass of white wine, enjoy and embrace the Alpine atmosphere as we transport you to ‘The Alps” for the afternoon..

Tartiflette served with Charcuterie meats, Green salad and bread  

White Wine, Garlic, Onion, Lardons and Cream, topped with layered Jacket Potato and Reblochon Cheese.

Served in a hot pan with a side salad and crusty bread. This dish is freshly prepared so may take a little longer.


Berthaud – pronounced “Berto” 

Berthaud served with Charcuterie meats, Green salad, New Potatoes and bread. Abondonce Cheese, Garlic, Cream, White Wine and Onions served in cast iron dish. The Berthaud is a ‘fondue’ type dish and is great for dipping, leaving bread in to soak up all the cheese and mix in the charcuterie meats. 

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