A rose is often the jewel of the garden, and they can transform any space, but they’re also easy to grow and remarkably tolerant. So with a little extra care and attention, roses will thrive year after year producing abundant blooms every summer.

These three top tips from the experts at David Austin® will ensure your roses are well cared
for into the sunnier summer months ahead.

1. FEED and nourish (April)
Feeding your roses in the springtime will give roses the essential nutrients they require
to encourage strong, healthy growth and abundant flowering. This quick and simple
task is one of the most beneficial jobs you can do to ensure that your roses are at
their most healthy and floriferous when summer arrives. Apply a small handful of rose
food on the soil around the roots of the rose, then gently dig it into the soil using a
hand fork and water in generously.

2. WATER well in summer sun (May and July)
Roses are deep-rooted hardy plants. However, watering regularly is essential when
warmer weather arrives, and for roses that have been newly planted. Keeping them
well hydrated will require around 5 litres of water once a week for established roses,
and the same every other day for newly planted roses. It is best to water as close to
the base as possible, stopping every now and then to allow the water to soak in. For
climbing and rambling roses, we advise 10 litres of water.

3. DEADHEAD spent blooms (June and July)
To encourage repeat flowering roses to produce more blooms, it is important to
remove any spent flowers. Not only does deadheading encourage new growth, it also
improves the appearance and shape of the rose.
*Avoid deadheading roses that produce hips, so they can add interest to the garden through
the autumn and winter seasons.

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charm to your garden for years to come.