Our Values

Being a family run business, we take great pride in not only our appearance but also our customer service, our honesty and services. We have taken the time over the years to piece together many ideas to create this successful establishment you visit today.

Reducing our carbon footprint is high on our priority list which is why we recycle all our food waste, all our cardboard, glass and reuse products where necessary. We only use recyclable brown bags in our retail areas and banned sauce sachets years ago due to how long they take to decompose. In our nursery we use only recycled pots for planting as well as peat free compost.

We are constantly evolving and keeping up to date with all the latest trends as well as adding in a few elements unique to us. We do our upmost to accommodate every need of every customer and take all feedback into account as a way to make the business as good as we know we can be.

We have a team full of enthusiastic staff which to us are more like family. Their main objective is to leave every customer with a smile on their face and a will to return and we are pleased to admit this is usually the case as we have a growing number of regular customers who return to us sometimes multiple times a week. We are a truly welcoming environment and aim to be a place you can come to relax and feel comfortable either alone or with a group.

We constantly challenge ourselves to improve and offer the best quality products and service possible. All of our food in the restaurant is locally sourced from businesses in Leicestershire including our famous slices of cake from a nearby bakery and of course all of our meat from Clarke’s of Queniborough. Of course, the thing we are most well known for, our huge warm scones which are made fresh every morning by our chefs.

We take responsibility for our work and ensure we keep to our promises as well as living up to and exceeding standards previously set. We are very open minded and respect the environment we work in which makes us a great ‘Green’ company. We see nature as something to look after therefore we make sure everything is recycled and reused the way it should be as a way to set an example for all generations.

We use our knowledge and experience to educate others making us the ideal place to come when you have any questions or queries and we aim to honestly answer and be non judgemental to everyone we meet. Just like our plants we strive to grow and become better each day giving you 100% of our commitment while keeping our core values the same; to provide the local community with superb quality, outstanding service and a truly unforgettable experience.