You will bring a splash of colour to your garden with this impressive double-petalled hellebore.

A fully double hellebore with creamy white flowers. Helleborus x hybridus ‘Double Ellen Picotee’ is exceptionally delicate in appearance, owing to the deep purple-pink edging found on each individual petal. (‘Picotee’ is a name often given to flowers with a contrasting colour at the edge of their petals).

This beautiful bloom offers a slightly more playful and frivolous take on the typically more muted elegance of hellebores.


– Dig a hole to the required depth. You can find this required depth for each type of bulb, tuber or root in the growing guides.

– Depth is measurement of space between the soil line and top of bulb or bare root.

– Set the bulbs or bare root in place, pointed side or sprout side upward.

– Cover the bulbs by replacing the soil and water thoroughly.