Plants can really suffer during hot dry days in August, so make sure you have a regular watering regime. Water butts will be brimming so make good use of this free supply to keep the garden looking fresh.

If you’re going away on holiday, ask a neighbour to pop round and water the garden in your absence. Offer to reciprocate when they go away too!

If that’s not an option, fill some glass or plastic bottles with water. Punch holes in the lid and push them neck down into the soil around particularly vulnerable plants. The water will soak slowly into the soil. This suits veg crops and anything in a container.

There are also loads of automatic watering systems available, shop from our centre to save you time. 


This is the month to regularly deadhead flowering plants such as bedding plants and perennials. Lillies for example, will produce a better flower display next year if they’re deadheaded now.

The easiest method for deadheading is simply just pinching off the faded blooms with your finger and thumb but use secateurs or scissors for tough or stringy stems. Try to remove the flower and some stalk to ensure the plant looks tidy.

Perennials and annuals can be cut back to a bud of leaf once the old flowers have died.


Not all plants need deadheading, some do it themselves! Be careful not to get rid of flowers on plants that produce seeds loved by birds.


Take cuttings of woody herbs such as rosemary, sage and lavender. Take new growth that hasn’t flowered this year. Cut just below a leaf joint for a cutting 7 to 10cm long. Remove the lower leaves and dip the end in a hormone rooting solution, before replanting in gritty compost.

If you have trouble getting rosemary and lavender to root, try a heel cutting. Carefully peel off a 10cm long side shoot from the main stem, ensuring a small ‘heel’ of bark remains on the cutting.

Dip this is rooting solution and replant as before.


Don’t forget to trim lavender after it finishes flowering to encourage bushy new growth in the spring. If you don’t prune them, they will look bare and woody next year.

Our garden centre continues to be fully stocked for all your gardening needs, our perennials are still looking absolutely stunning so be sure to pop in and see us, open 7 days a week from 9am – 5pm. We also offer a home delivery service if you decide to order over the phone.